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         Running to Help and for Change
Photo/image courtesy of Lydia 'The G.' Cordes, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

My name is Phil Purdy and I am an ultrarunner.  For those of you not familiar with the term “ultrarunner” it is a person who runs/races distances greater than a marathon (26.2 miles) with race distances typically 50K (31 miles), 50 miles, 100K or 100 miles.  Although this type of activity may seem foreign to many, I find it relaxes me, helps me engage with the natural world, and gives me better focus in the other areas of my life.  Consequently, I spend a good deal of time running; an activity that has enabled me to share deep and meaningful experiences with family and friends.

Over the recent past years I have enjoyed exploring even longer distances, 200 miles, but the runs were also coupled with a fundraising effort for the Food Bank for Larimer County.  The experiences were beyond anything I could have imagined in terms of the running, personal growth, and spiritual development.  While my team and I did our best to improve the lives of those in need, I can’t help but feel that I ended up personally benefiting in myriad intangible ways.  In short, I’m not the same person I was when I set out on those adventures two years ago.

So I encourage you to explore this site and my hope is that it will change you for the better and in turn you will go out and do the same for someone else.  Check back often as there will be updates as things develop.


Please explore the FOCO Cafe Fundraiser to learn more about how we are "Running So That Others Can Roll"!

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